Social Media Corporate Workshops & Employee Training

We grow and thrive through community. Today, when social distancing is critical to our health and wellbeing, we must build on new ways to connect and master the tools that have informed and entertained us for years. Twitter threads are the new water cooler talk. Authentic content is the new polished presentation. And Followers can be prospective clients, employees, coworkers or partners. So how do we break through the noise and harness the power of social media?

For leaders and members of the business community to communicate value and purpose to their desired audience, they need to grab attention, build engagement, inspire action and grow a movement. And they need to sustain that momentum.

In this series, you will learn how to foster your online brand, spark and sustain social movements, and fuel hashtag campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The results from all this, the true power of digital, comes from detailed insight that leans into real time optimizations to better engage your audience.

We live in a socially-driven culture. Today, technology enhances our abilities to connect with people on a deep and transformative level through the power of social media. Leaders have an opportunity to create strong and lasting communities, develop thought leadership, form relationships with key stakeholders, amplify their messages, and build personal and corporate

Your peers are on social media, sharing everything from #bestpractices to industry #trending topics. Overcoming their initial hesitancy, they have learned how to create a powerful and authentic voice to elevate their communities and ecosystems to the next level.

Session A: Building Your Personal Leadership Brand on Social

You can develop a personal brand based on purpose while reinforcing your corporate identity to drive prospective internal and external customers to a desired engagement. It’s not easy to do – especially when every non-marketer will ask for the next “viral” campaign or “buzzworthy” moment – but the results will be exponential and sustainable.

Session B: The Power of #SocialHR though Purpose-Driven Employee Teambuilding EcoSystems

LinkedIn conversations are 2021’s networking events. Social is a key cultural tool to create and illustrate positive and desirable working environments. Also, it’s a recruitment tool that can bring in quality talent that is vetted through peers and connected for continuing returns.

Session C: Optimize Your Toolbox by Mastering the Art of Social Speaking through LinkedIn and Twitter

Worry that social media will be a platform out of your purview? Perception is within a user’s control, and we can harness the effectiveness and practice of consistent social building to drive long term advocates, trust, conversation and fulfillment.

Session D: Creating Event or Project Momentum Hashtag-Driven Campaigns (Live or Virtually)

● Take control of your social persona.
● Build your voice.
● Craft intentional messaging to motivate follower engagement.
● Organize and utilize a proactive network of storytellers.
● Engage the consumer mindset.
● Leverage what is most powerful, influential, and impactful.
● Understand social insights and what they mean for the future of marketing.

● Understand how top leaders use innovative social marketing for personal and corporate
● Increase confidence in purposefully using social media.
● Expand your brand’s social and digital footprint.
● Build and/or deepen your own thought leadership and influencer programs through social.
● Explore creating content with a cause.
● Ignite influencers.
● Absorb teachings of social movements on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



Donnetta Campbell​, ​Founder, Principal, and Lead Architect of TheSocialArchitects, LLC @DCLeadArchitect


Peer-to-peer influencer and social ecosystem architect, Donnetta Campbell offers clients strategic and influential reach into key social networks. She has fueled unparalleled social positioning for more than 500 global leaders and top influencers at multinational brands including: Sony Pictures, Microsoft, Google, SAP, Amazon, AON, AT&T, Mozilla, Tribeca Enterprises, Interbrand, EY, PwC, IKEA, NASDAQ, Kernal Ai and WomenInTech. Through her agency’s innovative social model, she has – since 2014 – generated more than 16 billion hashtag impressions for over 800 business and personal brands, social media campaigns and 550 events.

Donnetta is passionate about educating groups regarding social influencer models and opens ‘Innovation Enterprises Brand Innovation Summits’ around the globe. She has spoken at TechUPforWomen, SMW, Crowe Horwath, SAP’S Global Offices, HR and Executive Leadership Groups, Digital Summit for National Retail Federation, Advertising Club of NY, Georgetown University, Oxford University, Harvard U and Tribeca Disruption Innovation Awards, UCONN Business School and CUNY Social Media Weekend. She was chosen as the Social Media Disruptor in Residence for Harvard’s and Tribeca’s Disruptor Foundation.

Donnetta provides customized educational workshops and was chosen to deliver a “Master Class” – “Transforming Corporate Marketing: How Peer-to-Peer Social Influencer Models Can Drive Winning Corporate Brands” – for a key Google “Social Media Week” event. She is a regular contributor at AdvertisingWeek# AWNewYork h​ttp://​ and is leading a Social Leadership Series for Harvard University NYC Alumni​.

Donnetta is currently expanding her global “people engine” ecosystems and building social impact for such additional global brands as A+E Networks, Apollo Capital Management and the Harry Walker Speaking Agency to name just a few.

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