"Peer-to-Peer" Community Builds for 800+ Leaders & Brands
Earned Influencer Hashtag Campaigns - 17+ Billion Impressions
#SocialProtectTM Client Accounts Maintenance & Management
Dynamic Social Champion Eco-systems for Brands
Positioning to Drive Authentic Social Engagement
#SocialLeadershipTM Campaigns for Corporate Thought Leaders
Global Twitter Amplification Campaigns
Social for the World's Greatest Speakers at The Harry Walker Agency
Architects for Unique "In the Cloud People Engine" Amplification Models
#SocialPRTM Building Personal Brands’ Reputations
Branded Event Hashtag Campaigns
#FutureofWork #SocialHR Platforms
#SocialDolby Orchestration for over 1,000 High Profile Events

We have generated over 19 billion impressions to date for more than 1000 corporate leaders, organizations and global influencers through our SocialLeadership™ and more than 800 events through our SocialDolby™. Even more, we are developing SocialEcosystems™ to help global corporations amplify their brands and SocialProtect™ for leaders and brands.

19B Impressions

Our one-of-a-kind online “Peer-to-Peer” community has inspired leaders to join the social conversation from all areas of influence. We offer personalized and hand-crafted messaging that orchestrates high-level social engagements, and reputations flourish inside our thriving ecosystem of social channels.


Branded Hashtag Campaigns with TSA's SocialDolby™ and live event onsite SocialSwarm™ Campaigns

We optimize our ever-expanding Social “Peer to Peer” Ecosystems of influencers, spanning industries, countries, global leaders and leading-edge social evangelists to build and amplify individual, corporate, and brand messages in an authentic way. With our SocialPR™ strategy, we rapidly create customized communities and build conversations around a cause, event, or brand initiative. These communities are leveraged to create a SocialDolby™ impact, where multiple communities connect, support, and leverage their social voices. The conversations and relationships are sustainable and quantifiable with multiple techniques we’ve perfected, including our hashtag marketing and social tracking software. We have generated more than 19 billion impressions to date for more than 500 corporate leaders and influencers and over 300 events.

Global HR Social & Stakeholder Ecosystems

We work with speaker bureaus, authors, brands, entertainment brands, and events. We leverage our various social influencer networks through our unique SocialHR™ strategy to create and manage a client’s own social media community of highly engaged, active visitors. The owned aspect allows us to dig much deeper into followers’ profiles and understand what they engage with and what they care about in the world. This provides critical data points to connect them with other like-minded people.

Social Strategy & Direction Consulting

We are skilled in assessing how careful social usage can help leverage human capital assets in global companies and drive strong employee loyalty and retention. Our SocialBounce™ strategy combined with our SocialHR™ programs improve a company’s interaction with its employees, including building employee morale, or educating employees about the personal and corporate value of authentic social practices and company branding.

Influencer & C-suite Executive Social Branding

We also specialize in developing influence for CEOs and the C-suite via personal digital branding by placing executives at the center of digital conversations in their respective industries and markets. Our SocialLeadership™ technique adds significant value, expanding their stature, their personal brand and market value, and their company brand in today’s new social business economy.

Customized & Branded Twitter Chats

We create and curate Twitter Chats for C-level executives and thought leaders. Developing chat themes and hashtags help leaders build influence around industry expertise and event campaigns.

Social & Interactive Touchcast Video Services

Major Fortune 500 brands are using videos to create interactive stories. We have invested in learning about Touchcast, a new app that increases engagement through interactive storytelling. Touchcast is a simple, user-friendly tool that includes linking to websites, reports, and other videos that can help you amplify the impact of your stories.

Social Roadmap
Social Media Corporate Workshops & Employee Training

We live in a socially-driven culture. Today, technology enhances our abilities to connect with people on a deep and transformative level through the power of social media. Leaders have an opportunity to create strong and lasting communities, develop thought leadership, form relationships with key stakeholders, amplify their messages, and build personal and corporate brands.

Your peers are on social media, sharing everything from #bestpractices to industry #trending topics. Overcoming their initial hesitancy, they have learned how to create a powerful and authentic voice to elevate their communities and ecosystems to the next level.

Board of Directors Executive Positioning

TheSocialArchitects, LLC is pleased to announce a special offering for a select few of our high- profile client leaders.

Under the direction of our new Special Services Director of Strategic Board Opportunities, Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach will identify key organizations recruiting for their Board of Directors and help qualified clients prepare to apply for these positions and interviews. Because of her highly visible role in the corporate world, our new director will only do a select few of these advisories for qualified candidates. She is a former CEO and has served on over 20 boards, including such prestigious corporate boards as Dun and Bradstreet, as well as successful start-up boards.  She also knows and belongs to many of the key organizations to which board candidates belong and has a record of helping many candidates find board roles.

To create your optimal bio for board consideration, we will:
1. Determine the kind of board client wishes to apply for: established or start-up, profit or nonprofit, etc.
2. Ascertain areas of interest and applicable skill sets in a virtual interview.
3. Assess client’s current bio for strengths and weaknesses and develop compelling
bio/positioning statement
4. Identify organizations client should join and topics (keywords) they should add in social media comments and create content to help get them on the radar
5. Build client’s social media sand board related content strategy, including network and community building, orgs/titles/influencers, and topics/summits/nonprofit board related orgs/publications that they should follow and engage
6. Thoughtfully work together to appropriately create content and strategic comments for their social engagement to tell the story of their expertise and position them in the best possible light around their desired goals.
7. Help candidates prepare for specific interviews and advise on board positioning
Whitepapers/LinkedIn Articles.
8. Open any appropriate doors and make introductions that she has access too. This part of the service is totally at her discretion.

Upon participants completion of the steps above, we will deliver polished bios and a roadmap document, directing client in how to get off to the proper start.

Industry Speaking Events

Social Media Ad Week

Decoding Social: A Conversation with Donnetta Campbell, founder of the The Social Architects and Abigail Posner, Head of Strategic Planning at the ZOO, Google’s Creative Think Tank for Agencies/Brands

HBS Women’s Association of Greater New York

The Art of Social Influence with Google’s Abigail Posner and The Social Architects’ Donnetta Campbell

Advertising Week

Baring it All: The Art of Social Influence with Google’s Abigail Posner and The Social Architects’ Donnetta Campbell

Discover Talk: Fueling Purpose-Driven Social Movements in a Post-Influencer World

Who We Are

TheSocialArchitects is a boutique agency that builds unique, impactful social profiles and customized, “peer-to-peer” communities for some of the world’s top brands and their leaders. Our deeply experienced team of top thinkers and doers in the industry partner closely with clients to offer a high touch point suite of services.

We create ecosystems of influencers, spanning industries, countries, cross-sector global leaders, and leading-edge social evangelists to build and amplify individual, corporate, and brand messaging in authentic and original ways. With our SocialPR™ strategy, we rapidly create customized communities and build conversations around a cause, event, or brand initiative. These communities are leveraged to create a SocialDolby™ impact, where multiple communities connect, support, and amplify their social voices. The conversations and relationships are sustainable and quantifiable with multiple techniques we’ve perfected, including our hashtag marketing and social tracking software. We have generated more than 19 billion impressions to date for more than 800 brands, corporate leaders and influencers, and over 1000 events.

 Services include but are not limited to: Executive Reputation Builds; Executive Social Media Strategy and Management; Executive Board of Director’s Packaging; Social “Dolby” Branded Hashtag Campaigns; Global HR Social & Stakeholder Ecosystems; Influencer, CEO & C-suite Executive Social-Driven Branding; Social Strategy & Direction Consulting; Customized & Branded Twitter Chats and LinkedIn Posts; SocialPR™ Publicity Campaigns; Social Selling; Employee Champion and Social Marketing Strategies.

We represent top executives from the world’s greatest brands including…


Abigail Posner talks about how to create sharable and engaging conversations.

Head of Strategic Planning, Google

More Featured Testimonials

  • Donnetta is one of the most inspiring, creative-thinking, and connected people I know. In a word, she is a force. As founder of TheSocialArchitects, she created an amazing mechanism to fuel social conversations for executives in ways that feel authentic, profound and super relevant in today's climate. As a member of her advisory board, she never fails to come to the "table" with energy, and brilliant ideas.

    Abigail Posner
    Abigail Posner Head of Strategic Planning, Google
  • Donnetta has worked with me on social media strategy and execution. She is a strategist as well as being able to roll up her sleeves and execute. She is a trusted advisor and someone who brings a strong list of clients and partners whom she has built into a functioning and mutually beneficial network.

    Jon Patricof
    Jon Patricof President at New York City Football Club, LLC
  • Donnetta blends PR, social, strategy, and exponential network building like no one else.  Being part of her world, working with her at Innovation Excellence and RELEVENTS, and seeing the results happen is a privilege. She is my trusted advisor and go-to person for relevant PR and social.

    Julie Anixter
    Julie Anixter Executive Director at AIGA
  • Donnetta is a passionate, driven, and pro-active professional. Her incredible energy and dedication to her work are unparalleled. During my time at Google, I was lucky to work with her and witness her deep knowledge of the social media space, as well as her strategic approach to online marketing. I highly recommend Donnetta and TheSocialArchitects if they are looking to win in social media and web marketing.

    Georgia Dienst
    Georgia Dienst Program Lead / Google X
  • I found Donnetta to be a miracle worker who increased my Twitter following five-fold in less than three weeks. She is tireless, well connected, and very persuasive. One of her greatest gifts is convincing busy people to do things they didn't think they'd had time to do by appealing to the importance of the causes she embraces. Donnetta has made me a true believer in the importance of social media.

    Gary Rivlin
    Gary Rivlin Writer
  • As a "quiet" agency asset, Donnetta has proved (time after time) an incredible resource from media strategy to media pitching. My previous firm, Robinson, Lerer & Montgomery (a top strategic firm) was very pleased with every project she worked on. She covered the media work for years for Pfizer (Corporate Communications/CEO media work) and the client was always happy with the process and results. From press conferences to delicate media situations -- her keen instinct and solid results with crucial editors, always made the agency look good. I am now at Hill & Knowlton running the NY media team, I use Donnetta's services frequently and will be happy to discuss her as a reference. There aren't many freelancers you can have total confidence in and that can handle the work on or off premise - this is one of the BEST. Ken Lerer, a partner at RL&M said everything she worked on "turned to gold". In my experience, he was right. You can't get a better media partner or consultant.

    Mary Jane Walker
    Mary Jane Walker EVP, Corporate Healthcare at Weber Shandwick
  • Donnetta is a networker par excellence. She's a digital expert and shares her knowledge and grows the economic community for women entrepreneurs driving opportunity and opening doors for all.

    Sue Lawton, MBE
    Sue Lawton, MBE Global Expert on Women and Enterprise
  • Donnetta is an exceptional publicist and public relations phenomenon. I have worked with her on many projects and have found her planning, preparation and ability to get the job done under pressure, yet still maintain and deliver high-quality work. I had the privilege to work for the late-great-legendary publicist Lee Salters for several years. I can state without reservation that Donnetta is this generation's female Lee Salters.

    Wayne Soares
    Wayne Soares President at Jess Productions, Actor, Author, Motivational Speaker
  • Donnetta is a next-level social media influencer whose digital engagement models are reshaping the future of interaction, conversation, and action, both online, and in real life.

    Robin Verges
    Robin Verges Senior Vice President / Rubenstein Associates
  • Donnetta is an amazing woman who works tirelessly for her business partners and clients.  She is a master at bringing like-minded people together for networking and business opportunities. Donnetta is helping to lead the charge and bring clients into the next generation of successful marketing and communication initiatives. I highly recommend working with Donnetta.

    Meg Columbia-Walsh
    Meg Columbia-Walsh Global Lead Digital Transformation / Cognizant
  • Donnetta's a brilliant publicist! She's very smart about understanding why a certain story is important and helping her clients bring all the right facts and information to the fore. I always enjoy working with her!

    Maureen Farrell
    Maureen Farrell Reporter / The Wall Street Journal
  • Donnetta is a smart and strategic marketing guru. She has an excellent grasp of branding, digital content, and social media. She is usually in front of the next innovation and is a strategic and passionate connector of people and brands for good causes. She is authentic and genuine in her deals and a warm and generous collaborator with a wide network.

    Carolyn Hardy
    Carolyn Hardy UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women
  • Donnetta is a true expert in social media strategies and building global communities online. She has helped us build our social media presence through targeted campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Donnetta works very fast and her results are outstanding. Within a couple of months, we increased our followers on Twitter nearly five-fold and we’re still growing, because she builds strong partnerships with the right influencers.

    Anne Ravanova
    Anne Ravanova Founder & CEO Global Invest Her / TEDx Speaker / Women's Advocate
  • Donnetta is amazingly savvy at developing global strategies. She clearly sees linkages across sectors, and knows how to package form and substance - a rare quality. Moreover, she has a great personality.

    Amir Dossal
    Amir Dossal President & CEO, Global Partnerships Forum
  • Donnetta is a constant source of inspiration. I connected with her through my work as a Private Sector Advisor at CARE International, where I was focusing on women's economic empowerment. I was impressed by her ability to rise above generalities about women's empowerment and frame the issue in a way, which was clear, engaging, and hugely compelling. We need more people like Donnetta to get these important issues heard.

    Alexa Roscoe
    Alexa Roscoe Consultant, Innovation & Private Sector Development
  • Donnetta is one of today’s most tenacious and dedicated PR pros I've had the pleasure to work with. She has terrific energy and a relentless focus on making the right connections for her clients. Not content with publicity for publicity's sake, every contact Donnetta makes is intended to build relationships and drive business growth.

    Kristin Marie Anderson
    Kristin Marie Anderson Global Business Development Director at Omnicom Media Group Worldwide
  • Donnetta is a #socialpr guru and has been successfully supporting our communications on Twitter. Our follower numbers have been increasing steadily and she's been helping us to have great engagement with a wider Twitter community than we'd reach (or even find) on our own. She's always pushing our social media boundaries and keeps us in the loop with new online innovations. She's a valuable part of our team and I'm really pleased to have her working with us!

    Maggie Berry
    Maggie Berry Executive Director for Europe at WEConnect International
  • Donnetta is a tireless, inspired, trustworthy, and savvy public relations professional. Her network of PR professionals, both in the New York City area and online, is impressive.

    Lori Randall Stradtman
    Lori Randall Stradtman Best-Selling Author, International Online Reputation Expert
  • I've worked with Donnetta on developing brand positions and engaged communities for commercial and non-profit clients. She has shown an incredible, consistent, and valuable combination of skills: deep knowledge of social media, informed judgment, boundless energy, and enthusiasm, as well as a true moral compass. I would work with her again in an instant.

    Jonathan Salem Baskin
    Jonathan Salem Baskin Informed & Inspired Voice on Innovation
  • Donnetta is tireless, clever, and knowledgeable about social media and where it’s headed. She understands the big picture and the nuances of the social-media labyrinth. She achieves success campaign after campaign.

    Jeanne Mariani Sullivan
    Jeanne Mariani Sullivan Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer / Sullivan Adventures
  • Donnetta is absolutely brilliant. She is a true social media superstar, and if you think the word "influencer" is made up, then you haven't met Donnetta. Her professionalism, skill, and dedication to excellence are unparalleled. As a marketer, she can take just about any campaign and turn it into a cultural movement. This may sound unbelievable, but she has this uncanny ability to create meaningful human connections that transcend.

    Josh Machiz
    Josh Machiz Director of Integrated Marketing at Nasdaq

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